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Privacy Policy

Just like you can rely on us for the web services, you can rely on us for privacy services too!
At Discover web design Sydney, we take your privacy as our priority. Following details are outlined while you associate with us:

Your Private Information:
The mandatory information of yours that is required by us to process your web design should be accurate, true and latest as on that time of ordering.

We also see to the matter if you use the information provided by us in any case. We record this information to keep a track on traffic patterns and for your interests.

Security of the information:
All the information you provide to us, is stored in the system that is designed to be safe from the loss, misuse, disclosure, destruction and unauthorised access of the data. The information provided during the payment gateways such as debit and credit card pins and details are encrypted, to maintain the maximum security.

Rights as the client:
As our respected clients, we allow and encourage you to update your basic information in our saved data such as your name, address, contact information etc by your own access to the website.

We may use this information to get in touch with you whenever necessary or create any announcements for the company or to send you the newsletters. The financial information is used by us to bill your availed services and products.

Contact us to know more about our privacy policy.


Cooper Cousens
“I just got the best website!! I am investing in a start-up and the first step was to get a good website. I had the designs and the layout and wanted the best execution towards the idea!”
- Cooper Cousens.